Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NYC baby shower

I got such wonderful and super cool baby stuff at my NYC baby shower thrown by my amazing friend Maggie! Here are some photos of some of the gifts I have gotten for the baby. Thanks Balazs, Wendy, Macky, Mom P, Kim, Tania and Maggie!!! Balazs gave her super cute clothes and a frame, Wendy gave great clothes/shoes and a stuffed animal elephant, Macky gave a Gloomy pillow that rocks, Mom P gave a TON of cute clothes (too many to photograph), Kim gave a super cool kit where you can preserve your baby's hands and feet prints in a frame, Tania gave her a cute Tokidoki action figure for her room and Maggie gave me a fantastic stroller that I am sure will be a life saver and the best party ever!

I have only bought a few items......a vintage kitty sweater, a squirrely hoodie (Dave loves those squirrels!), a kitty footy pj and a teddy bear I actually bought back in 1996 for my first born....who will be lil' LILY!

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